Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Problems VS Solutions

At work I tell my fellow co-workers, "don't come to me with your problems, come to me with your solutions."


In life I have come and gone past many crossroads, yet tonight I stand at a fork in the road where on one hand I can go back and re walk the path that led me here or down the old familiar beaten path forward where the solution is the problem.

 Tonight happens every night and tomorrow never comes, it can't.

I do the things I do because I have had problems, a hard life, a haunting past...


I have had problems, a hard life, a haunting past because I do the things I do.

Cliches slipping on the banana peel of semantics and meaningless riddles.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The point is not which came first, yet that both exist and depend on each other. Fry either one in a pan and the cycle stops.

I will have a chicken omelet.

Rantings of a chemically imbalanced person, intoxicated soul, insomniac body or self medicated mind?

Not at all. This goes much deeper than a tumbler glass full of wisdom... the glass is empty, dry and on the shelf.

The wisdom is...

Every problem has a solution.
Every solution has a problem.

One does not destroy the other yet gives birth to the evolution of each other.

We always replace one addiction with another...

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