Monday, March 11, 2013

Just Another Day at the Beach

I see planes flying above me and wonder where they are going. It's perfect right here but everyone always dreams of a different place, a different time and somewhere always away from here.

There is an awesome peace in the violence of the waves. The glass swells and then sweeps back into itself. A plane of solid jade that stretches even as its surface seems to constrict into a rolling sparkle of diamonds dancing in sparkles till each ones becomes one in a crashing wave of foam. The fingers of white grasp at the sand and then turn into spider webs of white strings stretching across the jade. The ocean's tongue laps at the salt if the earth.

It is reaching for me, for the sand between my toes. It gives me motion parallax that the universe is still and I am floating through the earth and to the sea.

Sometimes not moving is traveling far enough.

The waves continue to reach for the sand. Sending children in to shrieks as their toes twist and ice cubes fill their ankles.

Smiles. Laughs. Joy.

And there is my son, the architect of the universe building castles made of sand with seaweed flags and rock walls. His creations repel the entire greatness of the ocean. A planet can shake the earth, summon the power of the moon, yet as long as he stands guard, between the waves his castle will stand. Sure, if we leave the ocean will eat it, but not until we let it.

Power to stand against the elements, in the face of sure defeat and to say, "not until I let you" is something far beyond a Saturday at the beach yet a lesson that will be used in life.

Ships skip atop the water, sails float on the breeze and birds skim between heaven and earth. The clouds mimic the water, the waves and sends a crest of pillows across the sky. The ocean is summoning her moon... She over takes the castles and my son rebuilds.

Life is far to complex beyond the beach. The sea line is where reality meets fiction and we can play as children on the touches of two universes. Here things are simple, just enjoy yourself.

There is a fore ground and a background, and in daily life we fill the space between with layers and layers of middle ground. Distracting us from what is right in front of us and hiding the background of what it all means. The middle ground is filled with work, relationships, commitments, deadlines, dues, dates and obligations. The foreground is where you exist and the background is our playground.

At the beach the fore ground and back ground are one, a seamless setting, a stage where you are not distracted by all the things in the middle.

The sun is warm here.

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