Monday, February 11, 2013

Message to my Son

My son is in the third grade and for his school yearbook I have to come up with a less than 30 word saying to him, this is what I came up with:

"Have the courage to love, the strength to forgive and a forever enduring desire for self improvement. Never strive to make me proud, I already am! Love, Dad"

I think it is solid advice and I want him to be his own man, not worried about pleasing me. Maybe something he can look back on and remember. I always tell him that success is based on hard work, determination and discipline.

Never compromise your beliefs or values to appease others and always take care of your mom.

Trying to be a dad is hard, I just hope that I say the right things that can help him in life. I know it's not what I say but how I make him feel but I think words of wisdom are important.

Would be nice to peek into the future and see how it all turns out. I guess we will have to both wait and see.

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