Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Riding The Wave

Your parents take you to the beach as a child and all you can see is the sand. You play with it like it is the clay of the earth, you squish mountain ranges between your toes.

It is a playful life, yet the grains of sand stick to our skin like a grape flavored kool-aide stain around our mouth.

As we toddler about the beach we dip our toes into the cold surf; the edge of independence away from our beach blanket. We no longer chase birds among the surf or marvel at foot prints among the sands, now we stare longing out into the sea. Our backs to our parents we dream of sailing the world, circumferencing its great girth all in one stride, yet the truth is we don't even know how to swim.

Each year we takes steps closer to the waves. We stride deeper into the surf, as the water becomes less shallow are fears are lessened by our height. We grow, thinking the water isn't any deeper, it is only to our knees like last year, but our knees are taller and therefore the water deeper. It pulls at our ankles beckoning for us to jump in.

Some are great swimmers, faster than others, some use floaties, some fall victim to stingrays and never swim again and there are those that drown, life lost before they ever even tasted the salt of life... but we all swim.

When the water reaches our waist we must choose to sink or swim. When the water reaches our neck, waves splashing the brine of life into our mouths we all reach our toes for the sand below, but it is not there... we are in to deep. We turn back to look at shore, to see our parents, maybe even to call for help but they are gone, moved on to their own private beach and left you all alone.

Some let the waves crush us, most swim on top riding each swell and dip, fighting against the current. Others dive below the waves, swimming with the sea... but at all points of our life we will do all three. Beyond the breakers, beyond the waves is a calm sea of flat glass. There we paddle on our backs waiting for the tie to carry you home.

This is where I find myself, at life's middle ground. I have fought through life and made myself a fish amongst a vast sea. I feel the sun on my face and the tide calling me home. I enjoy it here.

I think I have gotten to the point in my life where I can say, "I've made it, everything here on out is just extra blessings in my life." I have a great life, success at work, changed lives, lived mine, a beautiful wife and two awesome kids. We have all the material, spiritual and emotional things we need and want. I have traveled the world, traversed time and space and I'm all grown up. I think this is the moment in life when one realizes that always working for tomorrow is pointless and living for today is what the true dream of every person is, and I am living the dream. Looking back I lived one bad ass life... if it all ended tomorrow it would all be okay.

What most people do is fight the current, but I am willing to ride the wave back to the beach, where it all began. Why fight the current, the inevitable, the end. Just back stroke and enjoy the water, we're all going to die eventually.

There are two absolutes in the timeline of life... there is no tomorrow and yesterday does not exist.

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